We deliver innovative and easy to use noise operations monitoring solutions to airports world-wide

Smart data analytic tools which transform air traffic movement data into value through easy-to-manage cloud-based solutions

Casper provides customers in the aviation industry with enhanced insight into their operations and streamlines communication processes. Our solutions deliver high-quality visualization solutions that are flexible and adaptable to our clients' evolving needs.

The company's innovative solutions focus on flight track, noise, operations monitoring, situational awareness, and community engagement.

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What Makes Casper Different?

• Customer Centered: We recognize the unique challenges faced by each customer
• Innovative: Our products continually evolve to keep customers on the leading edge
• Flexible: Our solutions are customized to meet each client's unique situation
• Partnership: We collaborate with our customers to build long term relationships
• Experience: Our team has over a decade of real-world industry experience
• Global Support: We service and support customers worldwide

Our customers

Casper supports aviation clients around the world, from the busiest international aviation hubs to small GA airports and everywhere in between.

Our customers


If you have any questions about our solutions or products feel free to contact us