Casper Noise version 3

The next generation in airport noise monitoring and community engagement

Casper Noise is a noise management tool to monitor and analyze noise abatement procedures and manage noise complaints

Casper Noise offers airports a powerful suite of tools to manage airspace changes, community sensitivities and operational changes, which are affecting the airport’s growth. Reduce time to manage your noise program and increase the quality using Casper Noise and it’s wide range of add-ons. Combining different data sources (radar/FAA SWIM/ADS-B, flight plan, noise, etc.) and turning these into useful and easy to understand information, is one of the strong points of Casper Noise.

KEY FEATURES version 3

Highlights Casper Noise version 3

Advanced track analysis options
Highly automated complaint management process
Best aircraft noise event detection using propriety algorithm
Advanced Map display options
Insight with a wide range of dashboards
Powerful and advanced (but still easy to use) reporting tools

Noise and Track Analysis

The advanced aircraft noise detection algorithm is set-up for the best detection of aircraft noise. Noise recordings are stored for further analysis while instant noise playback is also available. Analysing tracks includes monitoring flight movements in relation to noise preferential corridors, but also checking against specific Areas, Gates, Cylinders or CDO/CCO procedures. Casper Noise makes it easy analyse the results on the map, in charts and lists and report back to stakeholders using reports or any of the MS Word and Excel export options.

Complaint Management

Complaint handling with Casper Noise v.3 will limit the amount of time spent on complaint handling and increase the quality of your analysis. Logging of complaints is very efficient by web form, email or voicemail. Advanced analysis of flight movements related to the complaint is very easy using the complaint map analysis options. A response is composed by just a few clicks using the auto fill reply templates. The complaint process is supported by automated management reporting.

Advanced reporting tool

A wide variety of standard report components can be used to customize dashboards and reports. Custom-made reports, dashboards or ad-hoc queries are all supported as well. Dashboards and reports can run for any user a selected period of time, can be generated very quickly and can be exported to MS Word, Excel, PDF and PNG. Customized maps can be exported directly to PNG or Word for inclusion in a presentation or email. The easy and intuitive reports save time and enhance the quality of communication.

Short video Reporting options v.3.0

Real-time system

Casper Noise is the only real-time noise and track monitoring system. All information and processing is available in real-time, including flight tracks, noise events, runway matching and complaints. All (processed and correlated) data is available almost immediately for analysis and is automatically pushed to the custom dynamic data dashboards and the public websites. As a web-based system, Casper Noise can be accessed from any location at any time using a web browser.

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