Casper wins the contract of Louisville International Airport (USA)

Created on Friday, 5 July 2024, 13:41

Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport is, besides a busy civil airport, the worldwide air hub for UPS. In 2023 it had over 170,000 operations, nearly 5 million passengers, and, incredibly, over 6 billion tons of cargo. Put simply—it’s a busy place.

As the airport grows, the Louisville Regional Airport Authority (LRAA) has decided to upgrade their existing Noise and Operations Monitoring System by transitioning over to Casper Noise.

The Casper team was tasked with implementing our system in a tight turnaround. And, once again, our experienced technicians were able to deliver the Casper product suite on time in just two weeks with no loss in service. With Casper Noise and Casper Flight Tracker, it’s now easier than ever for Louisville staff to track both flights and compliance with nighttime noise abatement procedures, as well as effectively respond to and resolve complaints. Like all customers that switch to Casper, there’s no loss in data either—we have no problem converting and importing years of historical data, including flight track and noise date information.

Casper is proud to welcome Louisville into our growing US family


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