Our aviation insights provides solutions for airports to communicate their environmental impact and to efficiently improve their workflow

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Our solutions are designed to help monitor and analyze the impact of aircraft movements on the environment. We visualize the environmental footprint in a smart, transparent and easy-to-use way, so we can help our customer contribute to a sustainable future.


Noise management tool to monitor and analyze noise abatement procedures and manage noise complaints.

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Flight Tracking

Flight tracking

Our public flight tracking website is easy to use and provides powerful tools to help residents understand why airplanes fly where they do and self-investigate aircraft events.

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Flight Tracking

Noise Lab

Real-time interactive information-sharing on aircraft noise, movements, runway usage and historical data.

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Flight Tracking

Noise Monitors

Continuous real-time measurement of aircraft noise with our dedicated Airport Noise Monitor.

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Flight Tracking

Casper GO!

Subscription service to manage noise complaints and manage and analyse noise abatement processes

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Flight Tracking

Complaint Portal

Increase transparency and insight for communities and reduce workload for complaint office staff

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Flight Tracking


Casper solutions are deployed in more than 50 airports, across 25 countries, spanning 4 continents around the globe.

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We have a strong team of highly experienced developers, project managers and environmental experts across 3 different continents. Our team stands for quality, innovation and personal support. With our range of experts Casper can be innovative and supportive at the same time. Your wish is our command.

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