Casper Noise Monitor

Designed for Airport Noise Monitoring

Perfect for continuous real-time measurement of aircraft noise in order to monitor the environmental impact on the communities around the airport.

The Casper Airport NMT offers a range of functions designed around airport noise monitoring. The noise monitor is designed to be installed outside for a long period of time. For that reason, it is very important that measurements are reliable, maintenance is low, real-time system monitoring and alert functions are available and all data is available in real-time. To monitor airport noise compliance and noise impact on communities, the Casper Airport NMT integrates with the Casper Noise software for noise and track monitoring and the Casper Flight Tracking public website. The Casper software excels in intuitive use for the airport and sharing information with residents.

Airport Noise Monitor

The Casper Airport Noise Monitor measures aircraft noise in real-time according to the ISO 20906 requirements. It offers a wide range of airport specific metrics, audio recording and (third) octave bands. The quality of noise values is daily monitored through the automatic calibration check. The proprietary Casper Noise Event detection algorithm ensures very high aircraft noise detection. Configuration and monitoring of the noise monitors can be done remote through the Casper Noise software. The Noise Monitor comes with a range of options, like solar power and weather stations.

Temporary monitoring

The Casper Airport NMT can be used for permanent outdoor monitoring or as a mobile set-up for temporary measurements. The portable monitor is very easy to set-up and configure. Mobile communication integrates the data in the software in the same way as any fixed noise monitor. The mobile maintenance app allows for a very easy start of noise measurements. The Casper portable NMT is available to buy, rent or lease.


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