ATC recording

Air Traffic Control Audio Recording

Need to listen to real-time ATC audio as well as access historical communications that are synced to the aircraft flight tracks in near real-time?

Casper's ATC Audio Recording module is your solution! This smart module is fully integrated with the Casper Solutions, easy to use, and enables rapid access, analysis, exporting and archiving of relevant audio recordings.

Monitor compliance and analyze flight movements

With this smart and scalable module in place you are able to efficiently determine a reason for non-compliance with the preferential runway program and compile a detailed report of all these operations that could be distributed and reviewed by air traffic controllers and operators. The goals are to promote corrective action, improve accountability of all parties and increase situational awareness. On top of that, the smart automatic selection tool in audio fragments reduces your controller workload.

How does it work?

The Casper Noise system shows recording for multiple channels whenever a flight is selected, based on the airport (for multi-airport systems) and departure or arrival time of the flight. A single click on a recording starts its playback and successive recordings can be played back-to-back to quickly find the relevant recording. All audio recordings will be retained for at least three months, and with optional storage for at least 12 months. Individual recordings can be tagged to a specific flight operation in the Casper Noise databases in which case the audio is preserved indefinitely.

Playback recording features

A single click on a recording start its playback and successive recordings can be played back-to-back to quickly find the relevant recording. For ease of listening, recordings can be played back at speeds ranging from 50 to 150%. It is also possible to listen to multiple channels simultaneously and assign a set of channels to the left ear, right ear or both ears to quickly scan multiple recordings.

Records up to eight radio frequencies simultaneously

A single recording system -installed by Casper near the airfield- can record up to eight radio frequencies simultaneously. Multiple recording systems can seamlessly operate side-by-side allowing any number of radio frequencies to be recorded.

Fully integrated with Casper Noise

The Casper ATC Recording module is fully integrated with the Casper Noise application. Selecting a flight immediately shows the related audio recordings, and with a single click these recordings can be replayed. No more switching between applications and searching for the correct time and frequency.

Save precious time

Save time finding the correct audio fragments! Casper's ATC Recording module automatically selects the audio fragments of interest for your selected flight and provides easy tools to listen to audio fragments quickly.


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