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Communication plays an important role in the relationship between the airport and its neighbors. Casper Noise Lab aims at providing information on what is going on right now, how people are impacted and automatic interactive reports and statistics on flights, noise and complaints. By clear explanation of all noise abatement measures taken, awareness is created about the airport's efforts in reducing noise. Further, by providing facts about aircraft movements and noise in an understandable way, this positively contributes to an open and transparent attitude towards the people living around the airport.

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Key Features

Casper Noise Lab Key functionality

Shows current runway use and weather
Automatic reports
Custom map overlays
Interactive data browser on noise, flights and complaints
Satistical information on a location
Integration with flight tracking and complaint form

Worldwide customers

Casper Noise Lab is used by airports worldwide to inform their surrounding communities about flight patterns, runway use, noise and complaint data.

This includes customers of all sizes and designations: from large hub airports to regional airfields, general aviation airports surrounded by noise sensitive areas, and even military bases. Links to our customer websites are shown on the map below.

Community portal

The home page is a preview of everything available on the website. It is also the place to go for announcements such as maintenance activities or daily operational messages. Real-time information such as current runway use, weather and chart provide instant insight in what’s going on at the airport. Besides generated information and reports, the airport can customize the website in any way they want. The menu and all static content can be configured and changed. This allows the airport to keep the information up to date and highlight relevant information, specific for a certain period.

Interactive dashboards

Interactive dashboards with maps and charts, let the user click around selecting different periods, time of day, noise monitors and runways. The map is customized with airport specific information and overlays, including traffic distribution, corridors and noise contours. The user can put his location on the map to reference the information for his own location. Charts are available on a wide range of topics, like flight operations, runway use, noise and complaints.

Noise Lab in action

Customer Examples

Complaint Management

Integrated complaint management that supports the entire workflow from gathering complaints, analysis, send back responses based on custom templates.

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Flight Tracking

Flight Tracking

Our public flight tracking website is easy to use and provides powerful tools to help residents understand why airplanes fly where they do and self-investigate aircraft events.

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Flight Tracking

Noise Lab

Real-time interactive information-sharing on aircraft noise, movements, runway usage and historical data.

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Flight Tracking

Complaint Portal

Allows individuals to submit complaints, track the status of their concerns and annoyance and helps streamline the complaint process for the airport.

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Flight Tracking


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