Casper Flight Tracking

Build community engagement and trust with the most flexible and understandable flight tracking website

Build community engagement by sharing information with community members

Transparency and information are key to building a relationship with your community members. Our public flight tracker is easy to use and provides powerful tools to help residents both understand why aircraft fly where they do and to self-investigate aircraft events. Share noise and flight track data to improve engagement between the airport and the community and increase trust.

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Key features

Casper Flight Tracking key functionality

Both real-time and historic replay of flight tracks and noise data
Flight track display based on user defined time of day
Compare flight tracks to a home location
Insights in data through pictures and charts
Available in multiple languages
Integrated complaint submission form or portal

Worldwide customers

Casper Flight Tracking is used by airports worldwide to inform their surrounding communities about aircraft movements.

This includes customers of all sizes and designations: from large hub airports to regional airfields, general aviation airports surrounded by noise sensitive areas, and even military bases. Links to our customer websites are shown on the map below

Integrated Complaint Submission

Casper’s Flight Tracker includes an optional complaint submission module which allows users to submit complaints about a specific aircraft or file a general complaint using the customized complaint form or portal. This allows users to investigate flight movements and seamlessly file a complaint if required. For airport staff, the complaint is automatically added to Casper Noise and correlated instantly to the real-world event. The Casper Noise Complaint option, makes it very simple to analyze, respond and report on the complaints.

High quality real-time data

A key element for displaying flight movements and noise is the timely availability of data of the highest quality. Combining several data sources in combination with data processing guarantees the best possible flight and noise data. As all data feeds and processing are in real-time, all data is available when required.

Flight Tracking in action

Customer examples

Complaint Management

Integrated complaint management that supports the entire workflow from gathering complaints, analysis, send back responses based on custom templates.

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Flight Tracking

Flight Tracking

Our public flight tracking website is easy to use and provides powerful tools to help residents understand why airplanes fly where they do and self-investigate aircraft events.

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Flight Tracking

Noise Lab

Real-time interactive information-sharing on aircraft noise, movements, runway usage and historical data.

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Flight Tracking

Complaint Portal

Allows individuals to submit complaints, track the status of their concerns and annoyance and helps streamline the complaint process for the airport.

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OPS Room

Real-time operational performance indicators through combining data sources and track analytics

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Situational Awareness

Enhanced situational awareness for aircraft and vehicles on the ground and in the air

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ATC Recording

Analyze deviations by listening to the communication between pilot and ATC controller

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