Casper Flight Tracking

Inform and educate people with the most flexible and understandable flight tracking website

Our public flight tracking website is easy to use and provides powerful tools to help residents understand why airplanes fly where they do and self-investigate aircraft events.

As a web-based application Casper Flight Tracking is easily accessible on PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Casper Flight Tracking has an outstanding visual presentation of the information and it provides local communities with understanding and insight. The software runs on a hosted server and includes modules for aircraft noise monitoring, track monitoring and complaint management.

Key features

Casper Flight Tracking key functionality

Real-time flight track and noise data
Static flight track display based on user defined time of day
Built in PCA calculation based on user defined location
Additional information through pictures and charts
Multilanguage support
Integrated complaint submission module, with customizable form

PCA Calculation

Casper’s built in PCA calculation tool automatically calculates the Point of Closest Approach based on the address entered into the address locator, or alternatively it can use the GPS position provided by the user’s device. When a user selects an aircraft on the map the PCA display appears and the PCA is calculated and displayed. As the aircraft’s position changes the PCA display updates in real-time to reflect the new position data.

Static Flight Tracks

Casper’s Flight Tracker includes a static flight track display, which is based on a user defined period or flow. The static tracks displayed are the actual tracks from the date selected by the user in the flight tracker. The user can choose to display only flight tracks associated with their airport or see all flights, including those to other airports. They can also adjust the color of the tracks to reflect the airline, altitude or flight type.

NMT Noise Graph

NMT Noise Graph Casper’s Flight Tracker provides customers with noise monitoring terminals the option to display near real-time noise values from NMTs which are synched to the flight tracks. A trend graph shows the noise environment over the last five minutes at the NMT, indicating each aircraft noise event and statistics such as the maximum noise level and duration of the event. The chart uses a color ramp from cool to warm to indicate louder noise events.

Complaint submission

Casper’s Flight Tracker includes an optional complaint submission module which allows users to submit complaints about a specific aircraft or file a general complaint using the customized complaint form. The form auto populates data from the flight selected and remembers the user’s details. Complaint data is automatically added to the Casper Noise database and correlated instantly to the real-world event.


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