OPS room

Real-time insight in the current situation at the airport

Do you want to increase situational awareness, improve collaboration and support in performance monitoring and analysis?

Casper OPS room is the answer. This cloud based software solution provides stakeholders a complete overview of the current situation by combining data from different sources in real-time airspace and airport performance. Accurate monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on aircraft movements in the air and on the ground is all integrated.

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Real-time dashboard

The real-time operational performance indicators provide statistics on current operations and provide insight to help forecast future demand. A wide range of indicators is available on capacity, delay, infrastructure, and airspace use. Custom indicators and layouts can easily be configured and each user group can have their own customized dashboard.

Statistics and trend analysis

OPS Room's robust suite of historical analysis tools makes it easy to spot trends in the flight operations. Supplemental data analysis tools allow users to efficiently incorporate new data sets and derive new insights into operational performance. Detailed analysis of flights and tracks is possible through the drill-down data architecture.

Complaint Management

Easy registration and complaint entry combined with clear overviews for users. Integrated reports and dashboards combined with automated complaint analysis and enhanced complaint management reducing workload for airport staff.

Noise Monitoring & Flight Tracking

This includes of course measuring noise values around the airport, but noise management is more than just monitoring noise. More and more it is all about monitoring aircraft movements. This not only includes analyzing tracks in relation to noise preferential corridors, but also checking against specific areas, gates or CDA procedures. Casper Noise makes it easy to analyze tracks and report to stakeholders.


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