We are a Dutch company with a world wide ambition to deliver solutions that contribute to a more sustainable aviation

The Casper product family focuses on sharing operational real-time flight movements with stakeholders to increase situational awareness and build the relationship of the airport and the surrounding communities.

Its goal is to enable growth of the airport through real-time information to improve efficient operation while being a good neighbor and keeping the effects of airport operations on the environment to a minimum.  A further growth of aviation can only be achieved by optimizing performance and adequately monitoring and analyzing  the environmental impact and open communication on a sustainable future with all parties involved. 

Community engagement

Casper’s community engagement tools are designed to help airport build and maintain trust with the community and enhance transparency and information sharing.

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Complaint Management

Casper provides solutions for aircraft noise complaint management that provide high quality analysis, easy response generation and integrating reporting to stakeholders . Combined with tools to gather complaints from the public, it reduces work for airports to collect, investigate and response to complaints.

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Environmental monitoring

Casper delivers fully integrated near real-time noise data using state-of-the-art, wireless NMT system built specifically for aviation noise monitoring in an affordable easy to maintain, compact package.

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