Casper GO!

The simple, easy to use airport operations monitoring and complaint handling solution

Do you want to be able to easily monitor your airport's operations and respond to complaints from anywhere on any device wherever you GO?

Casper GO! is a 100% cloud based flight operations monitoring and complaint management system that can be accessed from any internet enabled device and is powered by the same SWIM or ADS-B data used by ATC and large international hub airports. This low cost, monthly subscription service provides many of the same tools available in the enterprise Casper NOMS system but in a smaller package that focuses on operations monitoring, reporting and streamlined complaint management.

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Casper GO! key functionality

Subscription based model
Advanced track analysis options
FAA SWIM data/ADSB-data
Real-time flight data
Automated complaint management
Powerful analysis and reporting tools

Subscription based model

Casper GO! is offered as a 100% cloud-based, low-cost monthly subscription service through an enterprise license with unlimited user seats. It allows your airport to skip the time-consuming procurement process and avoid getting locked into an expensive multi-year contract for a complete NOMS system that isn't needed.

Advanced flight track analysis

Casper GO! provides a robust suite of flight track analysis tools that make it possible to monitor utilization and flight track dispersion of the most complex flight procedures, such as RNP-AR approaches with an RF leg and an RNP performance requirement of 0.3 NM or less. The system also makes it easy to track participation with voluntary noise abatement measures and track trends over time. You can even play historic flight tracks to investigate specific events.

Easy set-up

Casper GO! can be configured and set-up in less than a week. The system is incredibly intuitive and can be operated without extensive training. Its simple graphical user interface makes it easy for anyone to run reports and analyze flight tracks. The system's modular set-up makes it possible to add additional services like (temporary) noise monitoring or a public flight-tracking website. Upgrading to the full Casper NOMS enterprise solution can also be done at any time and requires very minimal configuration to transition from Casper GO.

Automated complaint management

Casper GO! offers a comprehensive noise complaint management system that logs all incoming complaints and dramatically streamlines the complaint response and handling process. Customizable response templates make it quick and easy for your staff to craft thoughtful and engaging responses and share data to address specific community concerns.


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