UC Davis Aviation Noise and Emissions Symposium

Casper at UC Davis


As an Emerald sponsor of the UC Davis ANE Symposium, we are always excited to exhibit at this symposium, which will be held from the 4th till the 6th of March in Palm Springs, California. Our US team will be eager to discuss collaboration opportunities!

Community Engagement

Casper provides the most elaborate community engagement suite to help airports build and maintain trust with the community and enhance transparency and information sharing. Get updated on our complaint management solution, the new Complaint Portal features and our Community Engagement websites.

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Noise Monitoring & Flight Track Analysis

This includes of course measuring noise values around the airport, but noise management is more than just monitoring noise. More and more it is all about monitoring aircraft movements. This not only includes analyzing tracks in relation to noise preferential corridors, but also checking against specific areas, gates or CDA procedures. Casper Noise makes it easy to analyze tracks and report to stakeholders.

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Complaint Management

Casper provides solutions for aircraft noise complaint management. It enables airports to register, analyze and respond to noise complaint with limited staff through high automation and configuration. This includes easy gathering of complaints, customizable response templates and integrated reporting to stakeholders.

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