Complaint Management

Efficient management of the entire complaint process

Airports and their surrounding communities need to find a balance in their collaboration.

Airports bring jobs and exotic holidays, but also noise disturbance. A key element in finding balance, is open and transparent communication between the airport and the communities. This means managing aircraft noise complaints while giving relevant information on complaints to all stakeholders: communities, airlines, ATC and airport operations. All of this can be done in an efficient and timely manner.

Since 2008, Casper provides solutions for aircraft noise complaint management at very noise sensitive airports.

• Reduces work for airports to collect, investigate and response to complaints
• Enables airports to register, analyze and respond to noise complaint with limited staff through high automation and configuration
• High quality analysis of aircraft noise complaints
• Monitor trends and investigate specific areas
• Alerts of any arising hotspots
• Multi-language
• Insight in complaints through Noise complaint dashboards

Casper Complaint Portal

Easy complaint registration, provides insight and reduces workload for complaint office staff.

Complaint Portal

Casper Noise

Manage complaints efficiently: collection, analysis, response and reporting all integrated in one tool.


Casper Flight Tracking

Public flight tracker with integrated complaint form or complaint portal.

Flight Tracking


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