The City of Philadelphia Chooses Casper

Created on Monday, 23 November 2020, 19:55

Casper Airport Solutions Inc. has just completed the roll-out of its Casper Solution at Philadelphia International Airport. The City initially approached Casper to inquire about a solution to help manage the growth of automated complaints PHL receives from various sources.

Using PHL's existing system, staff were expending a lot of time and resources to enter complaints manually. With the Casper system's implementation, the complaints are automatically entered into the database and categorized, enabling staff to spend more time focusing on program management and other critical areas, not solely on complaint data entry. The automated complaint response tools also help optimize and streamline the complaint response process and enable the airport to respond quickly to resident concerns.

The Casper Go! system is specifically designed from the ground up to handle large volumes of noise complaints quickly and efficiently. The application's simple and powerful user interface also makes flight track analysis, reporting, and complaint management much more intuitive and less time-consuming.

We are excited to partner with the City of Philadelphia and proud to be chosen to assist them in their mission to enhance their noise complaint management and response process.

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