Certification of the Casper NMT system at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport

Created on Friday, 18 March 2022, 13:35

Casper is proud to announce the certification of the noise and track monitoring system of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (TLS) by the ACNUSA, the administrative competent authority in France.

The solution implemented replaces an aging system, while providing a large number of improvements and additions: better management of complaints, a portal for local residents, and better maintainability of the noise monitoring terminals. All this without compromising the quality of the measurements* and the data collected, which are made available to the client and the authorities.

* The sound level meters are all Class 1 type-approved according to the IEC 61672 standard, compliant for regulatory measurements

This certification crowns the joint team work of Casper, TLS and the APAVE auditing body which in particular enabled the continuity of the monitoring process.

It also demonstrates Casper's ability to deploy and certify its systems on French territory. To be continued!

About the ACNUSA

The Airport Nuisance Control Authority is an independent administrative authority in charge of controlling all the measures to fight against nuisances generated by air transport and the airport sector. It can issue recommendations on any issue related to environmental nuisance at and around airports. It also has a duty to provide information and transparency, particularly to local residents. Finally, it can impose and enforce sanctions on airlines that do not respect the restrictions decided by airports.


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