DCMR implements Casper Complaint Portal

Created on Monday, 23 January 2023, 17:31

DCMR, an agency with a vision, takes up their frontrunner role with the support of Casper B.V.

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DCMR Environmental Protection Agency is the joint environmental agency of the Province of South Holland and thirteen municipalities in the Rijnmond region in the Netherlands. DCMR is committed to a sustainable, healthy and safe living environment for the 1.2 million inhabitants of the Rijnmond region. As a part of this commitment, they are responsible for all noise and community engagement related topics for Rotterdam/The Hague Airport. They have been one of Casper’s founding customers with a frontrunner attitude.

DCMR had the desire to improve the process for residents to file complaints and to improve the insight of the origin of disturbances. Casper has installed the Casper Complaint Portal and has enhanced this with actual news, statistics, and an overview of complaints. Casper Complaint Portal is an online tool that allows the public to file, track and review their inquiries and complaints on airport noise from their computer, tablet or smartphone. It provides insights in common causes of annoyance and status and responses of complaints. Airport staff benefits from a reduced workload by minimizing data anomalies, reducing follow-up question volume, and streamlined analysis and reporting.

NoiseLab will be implemented as well, an extensive suite which combines noise and track data with weather conditions, news, flight tracking and complaint insights. In this way, DCMR can pro-actively share information, increase transparency, and roll out their vision in a very social and environmentally aware manner. Casper is proud to be able to support them in their mission!

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