BAS launches new Flight Tracker

Created on Monday, 6 May 2024, 21:26

Bewoners Aanspreekpunt Schiphol (BAS), the communication and complaint management of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, has launched the newest version of Casper Flight Tracking ( One of the key tasks of Bas is to proactively communicate about airport operations and flight movements related to the impact on the surrounding communities.

The flight tracker shows near real-time flight movements and noise levels around Schiphol Airport. The selection of an aircraft shows more details, including aircraft type, altitude, flown route, and takeoff or landing profile. The selection of a noise monitor shows the noise levels for the last 5 minutes. In addition, radar tracks can be displayed on the map for a selected part of the day. The runway panel shows the current runway use and explains.

The solution offers information dedicated to the location of the resident. Based on a selected aircraft, the distance and altitude of the flight are shown. Also, additional statistics are presented on aircraft flying over the location to provide a better understanding for residents on how they are impacted. This includes the number of takeoffs and landings, and details on which runway and what average altitude.

The flight tracker provides residents with all information about aircraft flying over their house. If they want to file a complaint or ask a question about an aircraft, they can also do this directly from the system. These complaints go straight into the complaint portal and the Casper Noise complaint management system.

With this new version of the flight tracker, Bas has an additional tool to provide accurate and relevant information to their local communities.

For the Dutch readers among us; you can watch a recently recorded video here where Vanessa de Boer (Manager of BAS) has been interviewed, and where the Casper Flight Tracker software is highlighted. [source: NH News] 


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