Casper wins contract Livermore Municipal Airport - US

Created on Thursday, 20 April 2023, 15:29

Livermore Municipal Airport launches newest version of Casper Go!

Livermore Municipal Airport (LVK) is the proud new user of Casper Go! since their successful launch at the beginning of the month. Their search for a Noise Operations Management System [NOMS] started over a year ago in response to a radar issue due to the unique topography of the Livermore Valley. Casper’s subscription service ended up being the perfect fit for the airport to automate their day to day operations while also increasing the accuracy of their data. 

LVK went through a long vetting process trying to find the solution that worked best for their situation and in the end, the monthly subscription service that is Casper Go! with a public facing Flight Tracker and ADS-B receiver installation was exactly what they needed. Previously, the airport staff was completing all airport reporting and filing all community noise concerns manually, a struggle many GA airports still face today. By implementing Casper Go!, many of their day to day tasks have been automated and streamlined in a way to allow the staff to focus on other aspects of their roles. Additionally, the data feed from the ADS-B receiver and exchange service is helping to solve the topography issue that they previously experienced. 

Being in a valley, LVK needed an enhanced solution that would provide them with the proper data feeds for aircraft once they get to a lower altitude. The combination of solutions Casper was able to provide, is helping to solve this problem. 

When asked how the staff is adjusting to the new system Brett Gregory, LVK Airport Staff said “We love the system, everything is working perfectly and this is going to work well for us long term”. 

Casper team members Kelsey Cote and Zack Miller spent time at Livermore Airport with LVK staff for a 2-day training period prior to the system going live. “This is always my favorite part of project implementations. Getting to know the Livermore staff and seeing how our NOMS system will make their day to day easier was very exciting. The staff is fantastic and I look forward to continuing to work with them for years to come.” said Kelsey Cote,Business Development Manager of Casper. This has been another successful project and we are excited to officially welcome Livermore Airport into the Casper family.  


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