Casper completes installation of 35 NMT's for Department of Defence - Australia

Created on Thursday, 20 April 2023, 12:16

Casper completes 35 noise monitor installations for Australian Department of Defence in 2 months!

Casper is pleased to announce the completion of Casper Noise implementation for the Department of Defence Australia. Casper contract was to replace the aging system with a new-state-of-the-art NFPMS system and install robust and real-time Casper Noise monitoring terminals at 3 airbases. The final objectives being to improve reporting efficiency and enhance community engagement.

The project required the implementation of 35 noise monitors within a 2-month period across eastern Australia at Williamtown, Amberley and Townsville air bases. "The local team had to deal with the coordination of 3 local subcontractors, international shipping delays, and Christmas time! To the delight of the customer, the installation was completed on time and under budget. A testament to Casper’s great teamwork and can-do attitude" Chris Middleton, Regional Manager APAC.

Casper’s solution makes use of advanced noise techniques in the identification of fast-moving military jets for reporting. Noise Lab provides a modern intuitive web-based engagement tool so that local communities have more timely access information.

Casper is delighted to include Australian Department of Defence into our expanding military family along with DMO (Netherlands) DALO (Denmark) and Swiss Air Forces. Casper continues to bring confidence and existing expertise into this branch of aircraft noise monitoring.


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