A successful first Casper Noise Conference 2023

Created on Monday, 2 October 2023, 14:53

The Casper Airport Noise Conference proved to be an incredibly successful event, bringing together a diverse group of airport noise experts who engaged in meaningful discussions and shared valuable insights on this global issue. The conference emphasized that while noise may be perceived and addressed differently at airports around the world, it remains a significant concern for citizens everywhere. Although airports vary in their operational approaches, there are also a lot of similarities and best practices to learn from.

One of the key takeaways was the importance of effective communication in reducing complaints and fostering positive relationships between airports and their communities. The conference also highlighted the potential of mobile noise monitoring campaigns, especially when involving stakeholders, as a means to address noise-related concerns.

"It was interesting to see the efforts of various stakeholders in airports, all working towards noise reduction. As we look towards the future, numerous opportunities and challenges lie ahead in this endeavor. The overwhelming success of the conference has generated anticipation for continued discussions and follow-up activities in the coming year. In light of this success, it has been decided to host the event both in Europe and in the United States next year, further cementing its role as a vital platform for addressing airport noise issues on a global scale." Heleen Erkamp, CEO of Casper.



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