Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC) Signs New Agreement with Casper Airport Solutions Inc

Created on Wednesday, 9 June 2021, 10:39

Casper Airport Solutions (CAS) is pleased to announce that the Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC) has signed a new three (3) year agreement with Casper. The new agreement expands the existing NOMS system coverage from one airport (KPVD) to six total with the addition of general aviation airports (KBID, KOQU, KSFZ, KUUU, and KWST) which are also under RIAC’s management. The system has also been enhanced to provide support to multiple departments within the organization, not just Noise Abatement.

In the past three years Casper has delivered tremendous value to RIAC. We have worked with the airport to add new innovations and features into their NOMS application which have expanded the utility of the application to the airport and made it easier for staff to do their job. Our team has also worked diligently to help the airport navigate the unprecedented downturn in the industry brought about by COVID-19.

RIAC in signing a new agreement has reaffirmed its partnership with Casper which first began in January 2018. We are very proud that RIAC has chosen to continue its relationship with Casper and look forward to many more years of working together.


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