Casper Noise Lab live at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport

Created on Thursday, 6 April 2023, 14:31

Casper Noise with an integrated Complaint portal, Flighttracking and Noiselab went live in March at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. With these applications the airport has chosen for a far easier & efficient process both for residents and for Toulouse-Blagnac airport staff by automating hundreds of responses to complaints per year.

A short article about the Casper Noise Lab has been showcased in the Toulouse-Blagnac l'Aéroport magazine: 

 *published 21st of March 2023, the March issue of Toulouse-Blagnac l'Aéroport can be downloaded here

English translation:

Since 2021, the airport has made available to the general public aviation data and its activities. Casper Noise, the new system for monitoring flight tracks and their noise measurements, was developed to replace the old Sentinelle network with the objective of facilitating the availability of flight data to the general public. It will now be possible to find all this information on a website dedicated to the following address:

The general public will be able to access educational content on noise issues, the airport operations, and will be able to view dynamic indicators of noise measurements and flight track data. The website will also display local publications on runway closures and noise campaigns, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions. By facilitating public inquiries and information for filing complaints, this new tool will strengthen the interaction between our airport and the public.


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