Copenhagen Airport successfully launches the CPH Flight Analyzer portal as an integral part of their Casper suite and Noise Monitors

Created on Wednesday, 23 June 2021, 12:12

We are very proud to have helped Copenhagen Airport in realising their public CPH Flight Analyzer ( The application is an integral part of the airport’s strategy to take the collection and reporting of flight and noise data a step further, offering the public unique insights and background information.

Copenhagen airport uses fourteen Casper Noise Monitors in combination with the Casper software suite and a public Flight Tracking applications with integrated complaint form. At Roskilde Airport a similar public Flight Tracking application with integrated complaint form, but without noise monitors, is in place. Casper Noise is used for flight track and airport noise monitoring, offering easy reporting options for regulatory purposes and the ability to perform in-depth analysis.

CPH Flight Analyzer ( uses Casper Noise Lab to provide the public with an interactive space which makes available all data on noise from airport activities: The portal delivers on-demand information to residents and ensures complete transparency:

“CPH Flight Analyzer collects all our flight data, noise measurements, regulatory requirements for CPH, and much more - on one platform.
You can find information about flights and noise for a longer period of time, see the latest information about works on runways, download the latest noise calculations and noise-reports.
Giving our neighbours and the general public access to these information’s is part of our strategy to increasingly share our environmental data and performance with our stakeholders"

Says Inger Seeberg, Director, Head of Sustainability Services.

CPH Flight Analyzer gives users in-depth information and the ability to see historical noise data for the last 12 months. The portal also offers many additional features such as FAQs with relevant questions and answers. There are sections about CPH's mobile noise measurements around the airport, current regulations, airport noise abatement news, and a description of the future work being planned to reduce noise surrounding the airport.

The CPH Flight Tracker ( displays the current flight and noise data with a 40-minute delay. Using this tool the public has the option of contacting CPH directly about a specific aircraft event or file a general noise complaint concerning noise associated with the airport.


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