ADS-B site Casper Flight Tracking ends

Unfortunately the Casper FlightTracking ADS-B website will be discontinued. Please look at our official radar based website for flight tracking information. has come to an end.

We started Casper 12 years ago with the launch of our ADS-B based flight tracking website. From the very first start we had very enthusiastic responses and our viewers supported us to continue and grow our capabilities. In the mean time we have grown our company to service more than 40 airports in more than 15 countries and offices in 3 continents. Unfortunately, based on the technological changes and growth of other ADS-B data providers, it's no longer possible for us to continue our ADS-B network and website. However, we do provide several airport versions of our flight tracking website that you can visit instead. Below you will find an overview of all possible airports we provide our flight tracking solution. You can zoom in to the map, to see in more detail the locations.

We want to thank all of our long term visitors of your positive response and support over the past years. We really appreciate it and we're very sorry that this has come to an end.

Worldwide Casper Flight Trackers

Auckland Airport


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