Casper Situational Awareness Map

Enhanced situational awareness on the ground and in the air

User friendly solution to improve insight in current situation and collaboration with stakeholders

Enhance real time strategic and tactical decision-making with Casper Situational Awareness Map. The airport gets a real-time overview of the aircraft and vehicle movements on the airfield. It provides different stakeholders not only with the real-time data of transponder equipped aircraft and vehicles and this contributes to tactical decision-making and safety on the airfield, but also integrated data from various sources and enhancement of data trough real-time processing.

Key features

Casper Situational Awareness Map key functionality

Real-time situation map
Insight ground operations both aircraft and vehicles
Insight in aircraft movements
Support A-CDM
Enhanced flight track data

Enhanced situational awareness

Casper Situational Awareness Map provides insight in the current ground or air operations at the airport, including both aircraft and vehicles. Using colors, icons, labels and alerts the user gets information like delays, gate occupancy and de-icing throughput in a way that highlights the information that needs the users attention.

Real-time alerts

Casper Situational Awareness Map is more than displaying flight and track data. Real-time alerts can identify situations that need immediate attention. Alerts are shown clearly on the map, and can also generate a text message or an email. A list of alerts shows details of the alert.

Integrates with other Casper Modules

Processing of track data to enrich the data, like holding stack usage, infrastructure usage, taxi times, gate occupancy, delays. Enables reporting and (real-time) dashboards for further analytics, trends and statistics.


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