Noise Measurements For Dutch Air Force

Created on Thursday, 29 November 2018, 15:08

Monday November 26, 2018, State Secretary of Defense, Barbara Visser, has launched the Casper noise monitoring system around Leeuwarden Air Force Base in the Netherlands. The ceremony took place in the Community Centre of Marssum in Friesland, where the first noise monitor was installed on top of the building.
Residents are concerned about the potential noise level of the F-35s that will begin flying from the base next year, replacing the current F-16 fighter jets. They fear that the F-35 will be noisier that the current F-16. In order to compare noise levels between the existing F-16s and their F-35 replacements, the Air Force has begun to measure the noise level of existing operations a year before the arrival of the first F-35.
A total of 16 noise monitors will be installed around the base. Next year another 16 noise monitors will be installed around the Volkel Air Force Base in the South of the Netherlands. In addition, two mobile noise monitors have been purchased to be used for temporary measurements.
Once the system around Leeuwarden is fully operational, the information will be displayed on a public website that has been developed specifically for residents that live around the air base.


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