Casper to the test with 50 international fighter jets training in Leeuwarden at Frisian Flag 2019

Created on Saturday, 6 April 2019, 15:51

The new Casper Flight Tracking website ( got full attention after the launch last week due to the Frisian Flag 2019. This event is a large international training of 50 fighter jets, that practice for complex international missions. This includes F16, Eurofighter and F18-Hornet fighter jets. The Casper Flight Tracking website shows the flight movements and noise measurements of the overflying fighter jets.

The website was introduced by the Dutch Ministry of Defense for people living around the air bases in anticipation of the F35 fighter jet, that will be flying at Leeuwarden from October 2019. The website and noise measurement stations will be extended to Volkel air base later this year.

The launch of the system last week was just in time for this big international event. Have a look at some cool flight movements.


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