Casper GO!

Traditional flight tracking and complaint management solutions cater to large commercial airports. Casper GO! is a service model designed to work better for airports that don't want to spend a lot of time on monitoring flight operations and handling of complaints. 

Casper GO! delivers a comprehensive, robust and extremely user-friendly solution for an affordable flat monthly subscription fee. No long-term budget busting contracts, instead pay as you go and cancel anytime. 

Sign up for this service and get up and running in less than one week with the best flight tracking and complaint management application on the market today. 

Key capabilities:

Real-time data: Casper GO! is powered by the FAA's extremely accurate and reliable SWIM data feed which provides seamless coverage of the entire NAS. We also partner with the industry's leading authority on aircraft data to deliver you the most complete, detailed aircraft tail number data available on the market.

Flight track analysis: Casper GO! provides a powerful suite of flight track analysis tools that make it easy to monitor compliance with existing charted flight procedures, participation with voluntary noise abatement measures and track trends over time. You can even play historic flight tracks to investigate specific events. 

Complaint management: Casper GO! offers a complete complaint management system that logs all incoming contacts, and greatly stream­lines the complaint response and handling process by providing response templates that make it quick and easy for your staff to respond directly to the community. 

Easy to use: Casper GO! is configured and set-up in a very short period of time. The system can be operated without the need for extensive training. It's very easy to run reports or analyze flight tracks for any user.

Modular: Through the modular set up it is very easy to expand the system with additional services like (short-term) noise monitoring or a public flight tracking website.