Casper CDM

Casper CDM is an airport geographical situational awareness solution to support A-CDM objectives. It enhances real time strategic and tactical decision-making as well as supporting the cultural change involved with the implementation of A-CDM.

Casper CDM helps capture the imagination of the stakeholders by going beyond tables and A-CDM abbreviations. 

With Casper CDM the airport gets a real-time overview of the aircraft and vehicle movements on the airfield. It provides different stakeholders with the real-time data of transponder equipped aircraft and vehicles and this contributes to tactical decision-making and safety on the airfield. Casper CDM offers a combination of various map configurations and a search- and selection pane to determine how and what to display.

Figure 1: Impression of Casper CDM at Schiphol

We designed Casper CDM according to following principles:

- Casper CDM is easily accessible from multiple locations via a webbrowser
- With Casper CDM it is easy to see the essential information for any level of user
- Smart algorithms and advanced database structures make Casper CDM fast and efficient

Cost effectivity
-Our web-based technology, makes Casper CDM very cost effective in configuration, installation
 and maintenance
-No local installation results in a low total cost of ownership
-One software license per airport: No individual software user licenses required

Advanced functionality  
- All track information is stored very efficiently for multiple years, enabling instant playback and
- Because of its modular design, functionalities can be included or excluded: for example, KPI
  dashboards and reporting functionalities, such as airport infrastructure fatigue monitoring and taxi and runway usage time.

Figure 2: Infrastructure Fatigue Monitoring using Casper CDM technology

Casper CDM is an essential element in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol's and London Gatwick Airport's CDM portal, to provide all stakeholders the realtime geographical situation of the airfield.