Casper at PTE 2017

The Passenger Terminal EXPO & CONFERENCE 2017 will be held in Amsterdam. It will once again provide an excellent opportunity for airports and airlines to debate current issues and form business relationships on a global scale

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Nieuwe vacatures

Casper zoekt een nieuwe Senior Software Developer en een Linux Systeembeheerder. Kijk snel bij Jobs voor meer informatie.

New Casper Employee

Gide Koekkoek recently joined Casper as Project/Account manager to strengthen the Casper Team.

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Sharing insights with the new 1.4 release of Casper Noise.

One of the key functions of an airport noise monitoring system is sharing information. Most airports get many questions from local residents and city councils. A lot of time the airport's job is to analyse the situation and sharing the results. The new Casper Noise release is all about sharing these insights.

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Community engagement website launched for Vienna International Airport

Last January a new community engagement website ( was launched by Vienna International Airport. The website is powered by Casper’s Noise Lab product. 

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