Schiphol takes community engagement to the next level

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the first airport to implement Casper Noise Lab with the launch of the new NOMOS Online website.

Casper Noise Lab is the first of its kind, presenting relevant operational and statistical information about flight movements and noise effects in an interactive and educational way. By choosing Casper Noise Lab Schiphol has demonstrated to take community engagement to the next level. Browse the website and see its possibilities at (in Dutch).

Martijn van der Meer, Manager Stakeholder Strategy & Development at Schiphol Group says,“We have worked in good cooperation with the Casper team to create our new Nomos Online website. With this new website Schiphol has further increased transparency of the noise effects towards the community.

Casper Noise Lab was developed in close relation with Schiphol Airport. Starting with requirements from people living around Schiphol Airport, Casper's software engineers and Schiphol's Stakeholder Strategy Development team developed the interactive website.

We are very proud of the implementation of Casper Noise Lab as the new NOMOS Online website. It shows the hard work and creative ideas that the Schiphol and Casper team put into the product. The response from the community is very positive and we will be installing it at other airports soon”, according to Heleen Erkamp, CEO at Casper.

Casper Noise Lab aims to improve the relationship of the airport with the surrounding communities by providing transparent and educational information about aircraft operations and its effects on the local community. Casper Noise Lab helps to explain noise abatement procedures, aircraft operations and provides transparent information from your existing noise monitoring system. 

For more information on the product read our website.