Casper contributes to Experience Flight Lelystad Airport, the Netherlandss

Casper contributed to Experience Flight Lelystad Airport, the Netherlands

In order to maintain and strengthen the future economic viability of Schiphol Airport, it has been determined that Lelystad Airport will undergo targeted development up to 2043. 

The development of Lelystad Airport is vital to relieve the congestion at Schiphol Airport which is currently operating at capacity and has no more room to absorb additional air traffic.The rapid growth of Schiphol necessitates the opening of Lelystad Airport to commercial airlines as quickly as possible.

In order to support the responsible development of Lelystad Airport and better understand the effects of these new flights on residents the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, at the request of residents and other interested parties had organized an experience flight which was scheduled to occur on May 30, between 3:30 and 9:30 pm.. The aim of the test was for residents of the areas under the flight paths of Lelystad Airport to experience the sound of a representative flight in their own environment. 

The experience flight involved a Boeing 737 of Transavia (flight number HV051) which flew every published arrival and departure route into and out of Lelystad Airport once so that data could be gathered about the noise under each unique flightpath.  Casper contributed flight track data that is needed to complete the noise analysis of the experience flight. The flight was shared with the public on this website.