New website OmgevingsInfoSchiphol launched

In co-operation with the Omgevingsraad Schiphol (ORS) a new flight tracking website is developed. This website was released by the Dutch minister of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, mrs. Cora van Nieuwenhuizen-Wijbenga.

The new website was developed in close cooperation with the airport, local and regional government and people from the surrounding communities. The website shows real-time flight movements, information on flights and radar tracks. In addition, some new and exciting features were developed.

The newly developed features were requests that came from local residents directly. This functionality provides essential information for one of the most frequent asked questions 'what runway is being used and why'. The website shows the current runways being used. Besides the runways in use, the application also provides the corresponding explanation for that specific configuration.

Also information can be found about aircraft movements at a specific location such as your home. The user can look-up its own home and find information about the number of flights that flew over his house for a period of time, for instance last month. Further information is provided on the average altitude and the runways these flights used.

The website can be found here:

The video below was made by the Omgevingsraad Schiphol for the launch of the new website by the minister.

 With this new flighttracking website, Casper shows the new standard for our flighttracking product that will be available for desktop, tablet and phone.