San Diego airport upgrades Flight Tracker and Noise Complaint Management

Last April San Diego airport launched the SAN Casper Flight Tracker and started to use the Casper Noise Management system. The San Diego Airport Noise Mitigation staff have been very dedicated and engaged, to enable Casper to design and customize their systems to further improve support to San Diego’s community outreach.

San Diego FlighttrackerThis summer, San Diego airport has added a mobile version of the Casper Flight Tracker, together with a streamlined Noise Concern webform. Both upgrades make the system better suited for use on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, on top of the already existing public webtools. Thus extending the range of the outreach in the community.

The Casper Noise Concern Management supports SAN airport staff in handling filed noise concerns, helps managing emails by automatically adding relevant information, and managing outgoing replies. This, subsequently, leaves more time to analyze causes and trends in concerns, and effectively addressing all residents.

"With this new capability, we are now capable of analyzing aircraft noise related questions and complaints very quickly and adequately. It greatly improves the responsiveness to our community.", says Sjohnna Knack, Program Manager at SAN Airport Noise Mitigation Planning & Environmental Affairs.

To find out more about the two versions of the Casper Flight Tracker yourself, surf to the San Diego Flight Tracker on you PC or on your mobile device at: