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Vision and Mission

Casper: Shared Insight

We believe in an aviation future that is sustainable - but this is only achievable in cooperation with all stakeholders.

By knowing and understanding the individual stakeholder requirements and collaborate towards mutual beneficial goals, aviation in specific but society in general can achieve sustainable growth.

Decision based on common goals: balancing economic, social and environmental criteria will result in the best outcome for all involved.It is therefore important that all essential information should be available to all stakeholders, in a format for everyone to understand within a shared timeframe.  This is essential to positively affect the impact of air traffic operations.

The developments in connectivity and global communication networks continuously create opportunities for innovations and solutions that help share essential information on time.

It is Casper’s Mission to use its innovative abilities towards the development of software solutions and services that aid in timely sharing of information.  By creating insight in operational processes our solutions contribute to a positive impact on air traffic operations.