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About Casper

Casper is a privately held innovative IT company specialized in the development of real-time location-based monitoring and analysis tools. Casper delivers airport noise and flight tracking systems, A-CDM situational awareness solutions and interactive community involvement websites.
At Casper, we believe it is essential to provide all stakeholders the right information at the right time in a format everyone understands. By visualizing the impact of traffic operations Casper supports sustainable decision-making and considers the affected stakeholders. Casper products are easy to access and user-friendly through its web-based approach and intuitive design. Our solutions support operations at airports like Schiphol, Gatwick and Frankfurt, through real-time visualisations, the sharing of information and effective measurements & analysis.
Key members in the Dutch Aviation Industry: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Delft University of Technology support Casper through the Mainport Innovation Fund (MIF). The fund not only supports Casper through its investments, but its members also share expertise and contacts to support the growth of Casper. The Fund is managed by the Rabobank and has acquired a minority share in Casper.